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Colombo NA Peanut Warehouse


Colombo North America came to North America in 2006 realizing the need and potential for their Rotary Axial-Flow System Peanut Combine. We began with in 2006 with our Advanced 4-Row Peanut Combine then brought over the following pieces of peanut equipment: 6-Row Twin Master Peanut Combine, 2-Row Double Master III Peanut Combine and our Dump Cart. We have since annually updated and modified our equipment to better suit the American Farmer’s needs.


We now have dealerships across the Southern States including: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Arkansas with locations coming soon in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Texas. Our Headquarters is located in Adel, GA. We provide technical service and support for Colombo Peanut Combines from our qualified employees and dealership.


Colombo NA's 6-Row Twin Master Peanut Combine in the field harvesting peanuts.

We are:

Colombo NA

1301 Industrial Blvd

Adel, GA 31620


Phone: (229)896-2277



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National Peanut Posted Prices

The following prices are effective

from 09/25/13 at 12:01 am Eastern

Time until the next announcement

occurs. The next announcement is

scheduled for 10/01/13 at 3:00 pm

Eastern Time.


* $464.74 per ton for Runner peanuts
* $444.93 per ton for Spanish peanuts
* $468.38 per ton for Valencia peanuts
* $468.38 per ton for Virginia peanuts


This week’s NPP is unchanged from last week.